Apollo.Common.Logging is the library that projects can utilize to perform logging functionality.


Logging messages should occur in the following order of precedence.
  • Fatal, a fatal error in the application. This will rarely be used.
  • Error, an exception in the application that can be recovered from.
  • Warn, an issue that should be made note of.
  • Info, information display only
  • Debug, developer information
  • Trace, information overload

Local and Development should probably utilize the Debug setting as a log level. QA should be set to Info, and Production machines should be set to Warn level.

This currently wraps to NLog, and will use Apollo.Common.Configuration's nlog.*.config as the configuration file for logging.

  • Reflection for namespace/class/method calling for logging.
  • Check for logging enabled & log-level in wrapper class.

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