Standalone client.

Apollo.Common.Cache 0.5.* is an unsigned, stand-alone, bin deployable dll only memcached client, with no external dependencies.

Standalone version of Apollo.Common.Cache memcached client. Expects a "memcached_servers" setting in the app/web.config's appsettings.

sample config:
Memcached Servers 
	semicolon delimited list of server:port values.
	ex: server1.mcservers.lan:11211;server2.mcservers.lan:11211
<add key="memcached_servers" value="server1.mcservers.lan:11211;server2.mcservers.lan:11211" />

use with .Net 2.0
using Apollo.Common.Cache;
  //use an inline anonymous delegate, instead of a Lambda
  return MC.Client.Get(
    delegate() { return GetValuesFromDatabase(...); }

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