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Project Description

Apollo.Common is a set of libraries that implement common functionality required by enterprise applications. The emphasis has been placed on expected use by services and web based applications.

Apollo.Common consists of the following:
  • Instead of using ILMerge I'm going to combine the three separate projects in the solution into a single project, with three folders for name-spacing. I am also going to embed NLog from source, and limit direct access to NLog, providing only for the simplified external API.

  • Combine separate projects into a single project.
  • Embed NLog, and internalize NLog's functionality.
  • Release unsigned version of the extended assembly.
  • Modify projects for delayed signing
  • Create setup project that signs the projects
  • Have the setup project create C:\Apollo.Common.Configuration\ directory
  • Include default logging, and sample memcached config
  • Have setup project create C:\Apollo.Common.Logging\ directory for default logging config.
  • Documentation

  • NLog is Copyright (c) 2004-2006 Jaroslaw Kowalskie, and is redistributed in binary under the BSD License.
  • BeIT memcached client is Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Henrik Schröder, Oliver Kofoed Pedersen and is embedded under the MIT License.

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